Roy Bortolotto

The Easter season begins with an astounding story - the resurrection of Jesus from his cruel death on the cross. Few of his disciples believed this would happen until the witnesses of the women, Peter & John who visited the empty tomb. But it was his personal appearance in their midst that Sunday evening that put their fears to rest and gave them the strength, courage and passion to go forward with the mission of telling everyone the Good News: God has visited humanity to give them hope and eternal life.

Can we envision the excitement of discovering the risen Christ? It's still possible today to catch a glimpse of it in the lives of those moved by the Spirit to do Jesus' works of healing, confronting darkness and evil, and inspiring hope. Let's be a part of that in the season ahead.  

Roy Bortolotto, DLM
Office: 110 Lonsdale St., Box 97, Wawota, SK S0G 5A0; (306) 739-2233
Residence: (306) 538-2045; Cell: (306) 736-7162
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