The original church in Maryfield was Presbyterian, built in 1912-1913. In 1918, the Presbyterians and Methodists united. In 1925, with the amalgamation nationally, of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregationalist churches, St. Andrew’s United church was born. Maryfield and Fairlight became one pastoral charge in 1930. Heron closed in 1950, Inglesfield in 1958 and Woodville in 1959. All became part of St. Andrew’s.

The first Sunday School was established in 1908 and continues today. The Ladies’ Aid was established in 1918 and eventually became the United Church Women (UCW).

As the congregation increased in the 1980’s, a decision was made to build a new structure on the site of the old one. The many volunteers from the congregation made this possible, and on May 18, 1986, a dedication service was held for the new church.

Maryfield-Fairlight had been a pastoral charge from 1930 to 2002. Due to declining membership, Fairlight United church held its last worship service May 19, 2002. It amalgamated with Maryfield.

Declining membership at St. Andrew’s led to amalgamation with Wawota United Church in August 2002. These two churches formed Crossroads United Pastoral Charge.

Crossroads ministers have been:
2002-2005 – Rev. Harvey Hurren
2005-2013 – Rev. Sarah (Sally) Bullas
2013-present - Rev. Roy Bortolotto (DLM)

In 1902 the first Methodist Church was built on a piece of land donated to the church by Mr. Matthew Taylor, one of the first pioneers of this area. In 1905-1906 this church was moved into the Hamlet of Wawota to its current location.

In 1925 the United Church of Canada was formed when the Methodists, Presbyterians,  Congregationalists and the Union Churches joined together.

Wawota Pastoral Charge became self-supporting, instead of mission-supported, in 1968.

In 1952-53 a new church was built on the site of the old church. This church served the congregation well, until a new sanctuary was constructed in 1981-82. The former church was turned into the Community Centre.

In 2006 we celebrated 100 years since the first church building was moved to Wawota to the corner of Hill Avenue and Lonsdale Street. The old church can still be seen sitting at its resting place near Highway 48.

In 2002, Wawota United Church and St. Andrew’s United Church joined together to become Crossroads United Pastoral Charge.

In 2015 a new sanctuary was built beside and integrated into the former 1982 structure which was remodelled into a large hall with kitchen, offices and storage rooms. Our new facility has welcomed community groups and events besides regular worship, meetings and programs.
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